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6 Team Building Skills You Need for a Successful Team

Team building skills are essential in every company or organisation. From communication to motivation, this article highlights 6 team building skills that form productive, efficient, successful teams.


What is Team Building?

Team building involves developing a group of people that works together to achieve a shared purpose. Everyone works together to establish the team’s goals, and collaborates to accomplish these objectives as a cohesive group.

In a successful team, every member is invested in the direction of the team and feels that their contribution is valued.

  • Communication

Strong communication skills are essential for team building. You need to be able to effectively express ideas and concepts clearly and concisely.

You’ll need to use both verbal and written methods to communicate your team’s goals, give and receive feedback, solve problems, resolve conflicts, and assign tasks in a way that everyone can understand.

Part of being a good communicator is also being a good listener and using active listening to understand the concerns and ideas of every team member so that they feel considered, valued, and heard.

  • Teamwork

An important part of being a great team builder is to be a good team player and collaborating and cooperating with everyone else in the group.

You can improve your own teamwork skills by listening to everyone’s ideas, being open to feedback from others, taking responsibility for your own work, and being aware of how your actions affect the team as a whole.

Help build a strong team by demonstrating attributes that you would want to find in every team member and showing how to work effectively in a group.

  • Delegation

Delegation involves assigning each team member their individual responsibility. Each team member performs their individual tasks to work towards completing the common group goal.

Team builders know that they need help from others to reach their goals, so an important part of delegating tasks is understanding who works best where. You need to play to each individual’s strengths, as one person’s weakness may be another’s strength.

A good delegator will assign roles that align with each team member’s area of skill and expertise. Make sure each role has a clear and achievable objective, with a set schedule and deadline to complete the task, as this will make the project more efficient.

  • Motivation

Motivation makes sure every member of the team is invested in their work and excited about achieving the group’s goals. A team builder will think about creative ways to inspire their team and help build rapport between members.

Motivation is a key team building skill that makes for more engaged and productive individuals and improves the quality and quantity of work being produced.

A few ways to motivate teams include having a positive attitude, giving constructive feedback and encouragement, offering incentives for fantastic work, rewarding achievements such as giving extra holidays, and ensuring everyone is doing work they enjoy.

  • Problem Solving

Problem solving skills are vital to team building. Whether problems are interpersonal between team members or task-related, a range of issues will arise throughout the project, and you will need to be able to combat them.

As a team builder, you need to know how to solve problems and tackle issues so that your team can continue to work well together to achieve its goals.

To be great at problem solving, you should recognise issues before they get worse, identify the cause of difficulties, get together to tackle challenges, devise creative solutions, mediate any conflicts, and decide the best course of action to overcome the obstacle.

  • Leadership

Sometimes part of being a good team builder will mean taking a leadership position for the team.

To be skilled at leadership, you will need to make key decisions, establish goals, help members who are not working their best, and resolve any conflicts.

Time management, project management, communication, creative thinking, and decision making are all qualities of a strong leader.

Improve Your Team Building Skills

From communication, teamwork, and delegation to motivation, problem solving, and leadership, develop these 6 key team building skills to build a successful team. Get in touch with ClueGo to book a team building activity and improve your team building skills today.

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