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More Than Just A Treasure Hunt

So what makes Cluego different from other treasure hunt companies?

Our treasure hunts are a frame from which we can build an adventure around. If you need to get people to travel and experience a city or venue then our treasure hunts are the perfect platform to use. With our highly interactive treasure hunt app provided on iPads your guests are able to experience a healthy outdoor activity whilst using technology to enhance their experience.

The software that runs our treasure hunts is programmed by our team to deliver bespoke events that not only reflect our ambition for exciting corporate activities but also provides you with a personal and very rewarding day out.

We are always developing new ideas to create exciting new treasure hunts with unique themes that will excite and entertain your guests.

If you are looking for something unique then give us a call as our treasure hunts are perfect for promotional launches or rewards, in fact anytime when you need to move people around an area and have fun at the same time we can help.

We have listed a few different additions and themes that could be applied to all our treasure hunts below to provide you with an idea of how our software can be used to create a unique event.

The Shadow

This is our mystery character, an enigma trained to blend in with the environment. The Shadow will appear on the teams iPad map and his mission is to track and capture each of the teams before issuing them with a challenge. The teams will know they are being tracked but won’t know who their pursuer is until he or she places a hand on one of their shoulders and it’s too late!. Once captured a team must perform a special mission, failure will lose the team a lot of points but success will be rewarded.

The Shadow will not attempt to recapture a team until all of the other teams have been caught, if the shadow catches you a second time you will only lose huge points!

The Shadow comes as an extra on any package or as standard on our themed treasure hunts as shown below.


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    GPS Navigation
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  • Loads of great interactive challenges

    Great Challenges
  • Special Tasks

    Select Special Tasks
  • Check your scores in real time!
    Real Time Scores
  • i Robot

    Escape the Hunter!
  • correct image

    Answer Feedback
  • chat with other team

    Message Teams
  • Scan for QR codes

    Find QR Codes
  • Virtual Coins

    Find Virtual Coins
  • scavenger hunt tasks

    Scavenger Tasks
  • Augmented Reality


The Easter Eggstortion

Everyone loves Easter Eggs, and with our Easter Treasure hunt you get to find them, lots of them. The Easter bunny has been busy all over place delivering eggs to peoples gardens, but OH NO!! He’s dropped some and now he wants them back. This treasure hunt will be a rush for eggs where your teams will have to race the Easter bunny and find all the missing eggs.

Our Easter special includes additional chocolate challenges therefore  making it the perfect choice for teams with a sweet tooth!


Shadow Streets. (A Modern Victorian Horror)

The streets of the city have fallen under a dark shadow. People have started to look over their shoulders, avoiding the quiet streets and sticking to the light. People have started to go missing, grisly remains have been found and the authorities have been keeping quiet. What’s going on? Who is responsible and why is it being covered up?

Your teams have been approached by a journalist who is starting to get cold feet. Find the clues and you can start to unravel the mystery….

We have a great team of creative thinkers here at Cluego treasure hunts so if you have a theme in mind and would like us to explore the possibilities of using it on your event then please do ask when contacting us and we can chat you through the options.

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