• York Treasure Hunt

York Treasure Hunt

Another of the great roman cities, York is a walled city full of history and tradition perfect for our treasure hunts. Founded in AD71 York was a joint venture between the local tribe and the 9th Legion.

Set at the top of the great north road York became a major trading post between the north and south, Wool being its principal commodity. The city walls are infamous for its law that states it’s legal to murder a Scotsman found within them!

This is just one of 800 or more archaic laws likely to be repealed in the very near future. York’s tight winding streets, open spaces and historic buildings such as its famous Minster make it a perfect venue for  to a Cluego Treasure Hunt.

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If you are travelling to York to hold a conference or an away day and want to explore this great city in more detail then consider our York treasure hunt and we promise you will not be disappointed!

See York And Have Great Fun!

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