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Shoreditch Treasure Hunt

Home of the hipster Shoreditch is a wash with finely crafted beards and immaculate wing commander moustaches and skinny jeans. But it’s also stacked with art, storeys  and places of interest.

The area has a long history of offering sanctuary and a fresh start to refugees from all over the world. Including the Huguenots and the Children of the Kinder-transport remembered at Liverpool street station.

The Narrow streets around Spittlefields market were the centre of silk weaving and other Huguenot trades.

The Pubs and restaurants are among the most unique in London and every corner seems to be decorated by a piece of street art as the area is a magnet for the world’s best Guerrilla artists.

This route is one of our largest and can stretch form Monument right up to Old Street. Perfect for our city clients, the offbeat package combines London’s greatest riches with some of its saddest tales.

It’s Not All About Answering Questions!

All our games include a great range of location specific questions relating the the local history however we also like to spice things up with our custom Mini Games. These games can be themed to Shoredith and London or your own company!

Add this to all the crazy photo and video tasks and you have a very competitive and hilarious team building event.

  • front-page-mini-game-2
    Match The Pairs
  • front-page-mini-game-5
    Digital Jigsaws
  • front-page-mini-game-4
    Match The Words
  • front-page-mini-game-1
    Missing Letters
  • balance-png
    Wibble Wobble


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