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It’s Your Round!

One of the perks of running a Cluego event is that we get to work in some great venues that the client wants to finish their event in.

High on our favourites are some of the many cocktail bars around London.

It’s a strange fact that when the chips are down cocktail consumption goes up, as does fizzy drinks. However the 2008 resurgence in cocktail drinking has endured and embedded itself into the post work London drinking scene.

This has been in part because of the increasing number of Bartender competitions that have sprung up. Major brands like Bacardi, Diageo and Courvoisier to name but a few . Cocktails are making celebrities of their makers, and the bars that employ them are becoming the must “go to” venues.

Take a look here for more details on post event drinks and cocktails!

Times are changing

Over the last few years things have changed.

2013 saw the rise of the Mojito

2014 was all about finding the most outlandish flavours and mixing them sometimes more than 10 into a single masterpiececocktail workshop page1

2015 was the year of Tequila and its darker cousin Mezcal

But 2016 is back to basics. Sugar is out, savoury is in.

Expect to see more variations of those green sludgy homemade health drinks everyone is drinking (and pretending to love) at the gym. Now some of you ware saying wait a minute these were around in the start of 2015 and you’re are right but this has been a slow burner.

God help us . Wheatgrass and Gin. What a waste.

This year the Bloody Mary will be queen (again). Variants will be abound with bartenders looking at ways to deliver their own special signature recipe or presentation.

Classic cocktails are also making their mark , again with twists and refinements. You will never be out of fashion asking for a classic.

Keeping with the more healthy outlook lower alcohol drinks will be making a splash. Wine, Cider, and in particular Champagne will be adding the

Finally tea and possibly coffee will find its way into your frosted glass in particular the use of Matcha, a fine ground dry green tea will be tickling your taste buds.

So where to go?

Well I love Dandylyon if Iain Griffiths is there you’ll be served by the best of the best.

I also love downstairs bar at The Crazy Bear in Fitzrovia.

This Time Out Guide will help you mix it with your type of people.

I look forward to seeing you there. Is it your round or mine 😉

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