virtual team building activities

engage your employees and keep them connected!

Overcome obstacles with the current new way of working and engage your colleagues in a fantastic virtual team building activity that can be provided for teams of 10 upwards.

By downloading our app to a smartphone your employees will be able to keep engaged and enjoy a fun competitive level of interaction with lots of banter! 

The need to keep your team together, motivated and up beat has never been more important than it is now!


Globe Trotters is our latest virtual team game heavily focused on team work, deadlines and competition!

Hosted via a video call and utilising our interactive app we will set teams a series of cunning clue based tasks that require a high level of investigation, information sharing and problem solving skills.

Only by using your determination to win will you succeed in navigating this virtual internet quest!

What Makes This Different?

Globe Trotters is the ultimate game to engage all of your participants at the same time and get them working on a shared common goal. A real test of remote working and investigation skills whilst reading between the lines.

Is This Just Another Quiz?

Absolutely not! This game is all about working together, research and gathering information to assist the rest of your team. Leadership, team work and communication is key to succeed.
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Tasked with a briefing sheet full of clues the team leaders must communicate clearly and share crucial information with the rest of the team. These clues relate to the location you are virtually visiting within our app.

Teams are tasked with researching the internet via websites such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Social Media and What3Words to name a few. 

Once a team has cracked the clues relating to that location they can then progress within the game and continue to travel the globe whilst gaining points as they go.

Each location that the team researches will reveal interactive tasks that have to be completed in order to gain access the the next.

Careful and precise research must be carried out before attempting these tasks as the timer will run out!

Teams will still be able to progress in the game if they do not complete these however they will not receive any points which is ultimately how the game is won!


Teams that successfully complete all the tasks at their current location will receive a passport stamp and bonus points crucially needed  if they want to win!

Globe Trotters is a fully managed remote game with a host to ensure you are all engaged from the beginning.

Team leaders will be provided with information to download our app and all guests will receive a calendar invite to the zoom meeting.  

Players will be split into teams of 5 and work in separate breakout rooms with the host dropping in to assist where needed.

If you are looking for something very different to other remote team building games Globe Trotters is a fantastic option 🙂

  Zoom hosted event

Globe Trotters Price

Additional fee of £200 + VAT applies to groups of less than 20
£ 15.00 + VAT Per Person
  • Leadership
  • Team Work
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Hosted Event


This is our online team building activity that can be played at any time of the day and refreshes by 10.00am the following day. Simply complete your 5 daily tasks and rise up the live leaderboard as you go!

Keep in touch with your work colleagues throughout the week as you remind them about your progress and look forward to the hilarious slide show where all will be revealed!


We have created a simply brilliant system that includes all the great features of our normal live quiz show but provided virtually through video conferencing. 

Simply download our app to your smart phone or iPad at home and play the quiz just like you would on a live show but from the comfort of your own home. You can find more information here.

connect your team with fun challenges every day

Helping everyone to feel together

Go Remote is our new online team building game that can run for up to 4 weeks with new challenges sent to the players each day.

Every day your employees will be tasked to compete in a fun competition answering trivia, brain teasers, virtual reality clues and a host of creative and activity based photo/video tasks.

With a live leaderboard the players will be able to keep up with the progress of other players as well as their own scores.

We will also provide a slide show of the players efforts from the photo and video tasks at the end of each week. This is a great opportunity for everyone to see what the other players have been up to 🙂

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run our game for 1,2,3 or 4 weeks

compete against your colleagues each day

Play anywhere and at any time

simply complete your 5 daily tasks

fun Photo challenges all shown at the end of the game!

How is your day going?

Show us your pets 🙂

Rock out man!

Chef skills

Burn some calories!

Available for iOs And Android

play along with our great content

(we can also aDD your own challenges for a more bespoke game)

Multiple choice questions that can be configured to your own content.

Tap the correct letters to spell your answer.

Test your memory skills!

Hilarious what happened next questions

Virtual reality based tasks with hidden clues

Its not all about questions! lets keep active during the lockdown.

Go Remote Price

Additional fee of £200 + VAT applies to groups of less than 20
£ 25.00 + VAT Per Person
  • Fun
  • Competitive
  • Remote Engagement
  • Flexible Duration
  • Bespoke Options

Just looking for a fast paced virtual quiz?

We have a solution for this as well!

Check out our quiz show iQuiz.

This quiz show is not your normal pub quiz and so much more!

Designed for remote teams this activity is a great virtual game that you and your family can enjoy.

Download our app, grab a drink and prepare yourself for a fast paced, very competitive and fun packed virtual gameshow!

iQuiz Price

Additional fee of £200 + VAT applies to groups of less than 20
£ 10.00 + VAT Per Person
  • Fun
  • Competitive
  • 1.5 Hrs
  • Hosted Event
  • Bespoke Options
  • CALL US NOW – 0333 577 0024