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virtual advent calendar

The festive challenge!

Treat your staff to a host of fun festive challenges on the run up to Christmas and engage them in a super competitive and bespoke game.

Everyone loves to open an advent calendar and enjoy a little sweet treat each day in December. Imagine a game that did just this but challenged them to a fun task instead!

Every day in December provides the players with a new set of festive tasks to complete

(excluding week-ends)

Day 1 – Your advent calendar door will open

Your daily challenges now appear

Day 2 – The next door opens with more challenges!

By downloading our app from the app stores to a smart phone your colleagues will experience a totally bespoke game created just for you.

Every Monday to Friday in December the game will open a new window on the virtual advent calendar providing a fresh set of new exciting and fun tasks 🙂

Compete against your colleagues each day

If you cant get together at the moment for some informal fun then why not compete against your work mates remotely!

Our app has a live leaderboard that will show your individual and team score so you can keep an eye on the rival players.

Every challenge will award you with points if you are successful. Play well and watch yourself and team rise up the leaderboard!

This game is will certainly create a buzz with your staff and increase communication as the days roll closer to the Christmas break. 

Complete fun photo tasks all shown in a festive slideshow when your game finishes

We have created some great challenges to get your players in the Christmas mood and having fun whilst working remotely.

All these tasks can be completed at anytime of the day but must be finished before the next door opens the following day!

All the photos taken will be emailed back to you at the end of the game and shared with everyone for a humorous and rewarding slideshow. 

Points mean prizes so make every challenge count!

Everything will give you points but if you miss a day or keep getting the tasks wrong you will lose out!

Finish the challenges before the timer runs out and don’t be a humbug!

Each day has a new set of fun trivia and tricky tasks

Every new day will provide you with a series of new challenges.

These can range from fun and interesting Christmas trivia to digital jigsaws, memory games, physical tasks and ‘what happened next’ videos.

All these games can be programmed with your additional content for added fun and a more tailored game.

Finish your advent calendar with a video recording from the boss thanking everyone for their hard work and a festive message 🙂

How can I make the game bespoke to our company?

Our app can be tailored to include any content you wish. Add multiple choice questions, images for puzzles and games as well as video and sound clips.

Does the game run for every day in December?

Totally up to you. As standard the game will run from the 1st – 23rd December however we can tailor it to as many days as you wish.

Will this work for large groups?

Absolutely, we have provided this type of game for companies with over 500 players all competing at the same time.


Festive Challenge - Price

Set up fee of £250 + VAT
£ 25.00 + VAT Price is per player - Discounts available for groups over 100
  • Bespoke content creation included in price
  • Fun!
  • Competitive
  • Engaging
  • Photo slideshow at the end of your game